Glasgow and Galloway Diocesan Who’s Who

Glasgow & Galloway Diocese office holders:

Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway

The Right Rev Kevin Pearson

Dean of the Diocese


Synod Clerk

The Rev Canon Gordon B Fyfe

Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral

The Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth

Canon Missioner

The Rev Canon Audrey Stewart

Cathedral Chapter

The Provost
The Synod Clerk
The Rev Canon Oliver Brewer-Lennon
The Rev Canon Prof David Jasper (Canon Theologian)
The Rev Canon Sandy Montgomerie
The Rev Canon Jane Ross
The Rev Canon Drew Sheridan
The Rev Canon Audrey Stewart

Honorary Canons

The Rev Canon David Bayne
The Rev Canon Claude Broun
The Rev Canon Jeanette Jenkins
The Rev Canon Alex Laing
The Rev Canon Shelley Marsh
The Rev Canon Nigel Newton
The Rev Canon Robin Paisley
The Rev Canon Kenneth Stephen
The Rt Rev John Taylor
The Rev Canon Jack Trimble
The Rev Canon John Woodley


Bruce Erroch QC


Ronald Inglis

Convenor of Diocesan Council

The Synod Clerk (Interim)

Diocesan Secretary

John Mitchell

Office Staff

Christine Hughes
Marion Noble
Iolanthe Stack

Diocesan Treasurer

Robert Burgon

Diocesan Auditor


Diocesan Architect

Rebecca Cadie

Diocesan Surveyor

Elliott Glenesk

Diocesan Digital Missioner

Petko Marinov

Regional Council Conveners


Nigel Rayner


The Rev Stephen Hazlett

Glasgow North-East

The Rev Paul Watson

Glasgow North-West

The Rev Andrea Hagenbuch

Glasgow South

The Rev Paul Romano


The Rev Lee Johnston


The Rev David Gifford

Diocesan Representatives on Provincial Boards


The Rev Les Ireland

Faith and Order

The Rev Paul Watson
Kevin Boak




The Rev Canon Audrey Stewart

Vacancy in See

The Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, Anne Jones