Bishop’s Staff Group

Under the Diocesan Constitution, the Bishop’s Staff Group is responsible to the Diocesan Council for the day-to-day management of the Diocese and its resources,

Its main function is to guide the Diocese in matters of policy and overall direction, and to account for and control Diocesan funds and resources. It accounts for its actions and decisions at each Council meeting. In addition it reports after each meeting to each Region, Diocesan Council member and member of clergy in the Diocese.

The Group makes emergency decisions on behalf of the Diocesan Council, and provides information to facilitate local initiatives.

It currently consists of the Bishop, Dean, Provost, Synod Clerk (as one of the diocesan trustees), the Diocesan Treasurer and the Diocesan Secretary.

The Staff Group shall meet as determined by the Bishop. The Diocesan Secretary shall prepare papers for and minutes of decisions made at each meeting. A synopsis of the notes will be made available to the Diocesan Auditor, and to the Regional Councils subject to considerations of confidentiality.