Diocesan Synod elections to General Synod

March 12, 2021
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We are pleased to announce the results of the recent Diocesan Synod elections to vacant positions on General Synod. These elections were arranged online and by post as our Diocesan Synod was postponed.

The Diocesan Synod is currently rescheduled as an online event for 31 July 2021.

General Synod Representatives

Electorate House Name Charge
Renfrewshire Region Clergy the Rev Willi Nesbitt Greenock
Lanarkshire Region Clergy the Rev Matthew Little Hamilton, Uddingston
Synod Clergy the Rev Harriet Johnston Bishopbriggs
Synod Clergy the Rev Martyn Trembath Ayr
Synod Laity Mr Ray Gascoigne Cumbernauld
Synod Laity Mr Petko Marinov Maybole
Synod Laity Miss Morag O’Neill Dumbarton


General Synod Alternates

Electorate House Name Charge
Synod Clergy the Rev Canon Oliver Brewer-Lennon Cathedral
Synod Clergy the Rev Canon Gordon Fyfe Newlands
Synod Clergy the Rev Debbie Davison Hillington, Paisley
Synod Clergy the Rev Heller González Dumbarton
Synod Laity Mr Richard Horrell Helensburgh
Synod Laity Dr Beth Routledge Cathedral
Synod Laity Dr David Hickson Moffat
Synod Laity Mr Richard Smith Helensburgh


Provincial Panel for Episcopal Elections

Electorate House Name Charge
Synod Clergy the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth Cathedral
Synod Laity Mrs Nicolette Wise New Galloway