Freedom Bakery at HMP Low Moss


(Following Convenor’s meeting Tuesday 19th April 2016 +Gregor encouraged

members where possible to support Freedom Bakery)

Freedom Bakery at HMP Low Moss

‘The Freedom Bakery is a social enterprise based at HMP Low Moss, near Glasgow, training people in prison in artisan baking with the intention of finding an industry-related career post-release’

Please see HMP Low Moss Timeline.

Volunteers at HMP Low Moss were invited to be part of the Freedom Bakery experience in January 2016.

One volunteer serves alongside a Freedom Bakery student in the T Bar during the daily visiting sessions which can cater for up to 100 people    The volunteer and student work as a team serving visitors with tea, coffee, sandwiches, crisps and confectionary.   The T Bar has a supervisor who is responsible for the student and deals with stock and finance.

Matt Fountain the founder and managing director of Freedom Bakery has been supportive of Low Moss Community Volunteers.    Matt along with Chaplain, Martin Forrest met with volunteers to share his vision of providing a supportive learning environment for students.    The opportunity to learn a skill, gain a qualification and also while serving in the T Bar  develop communication and social skills is extremely positive in the rehabilitation process.

The role volunteers fulfil continues to be bringing a little of the local community into the prison in a relaxed, friendly, non-authoritative manner.   Students know that many of the volunteers come from churches.

For volunteers witnessing first-hand how such opportunities – of being treated with respect, of being empowered to take responsibility for own actions is inspiring and a privilege.

More to follow

AG/April 2016