Human Trafficking

The Scottish Government have published their consultation document prior to the final strategy being taken to parliament in May 2017. Views are requested from now till 7th December.
Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for exploitation – sexual, labour, domestic servitude, criminal and organ removal. Human trafficking happens in cities, towns and villages of Scotland and across the world. The financial gains to the perpetrators of trafficking humans is second only to the financial gains of drug barons.
Trafficking robs victims of their dignity as human beings, reducing them to commodities to be treated in whatever way the perpetrators wish. Victims of human trafficking have no voice, but we have.
The members of Action of Churches Together Scotland (ACTS) on Human Trafficking are willing to speak to Church and other groups
The Imaginative Outreach into Local Communities Development Group will happily coordinate an event/events if required.
The group look forward to hearing from you
Ann Glenesk

Government documents on Human Trafficking can be accessed at